Committed to providing a valuable and trustworthy service to Property Owners, driven by quality and care.  


Leslie Barrow

Executive Director, Founder


Southern Comfort Real Estate Services was founded in Louisiana in 2014 by Leslie Barrow in an effort to transform the real estate investment industry by giving everyone a seat at the table through alliance-based relationships that support the interest of both clients and partners which includes banks, real estate firms, government entities and private investors.

We are a full-service property management company. Through our partnerships with lending institutions we have serviced over 1,500 homes across Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, and Tennessee.

We automate property communications between the tenant and our clients having national portfolios with high volume demands.

Our mission is to provide a reliable one-stop-shop for property management services to businesses, non-profits, brokerage firms, and local banks. We aim to become one of the top five property management service providers focused on the preservation of residential properties in the southern region of the USA by year 2021.